His genuinely funny bones, his uncanny ability to gauge a crowd, his firm stance on working clean, and his unflinching

For more than 20 years Dr. Victor, real name Victor Khojane, has been crafting and creating an uplifting up tempo sound that has earned this singer, musician, songwriter and producer an enviable reputation on the South African music scene and abroad.

Dr Victor began playing while he was still at school, in a band called CC Beat, mainly influenced by afro pop stars such as Blondie & Papa, Harare, Richard Jon Smith as well as American pop acts such as the Jackson Five and others. In 1984 CC Beat began playing in nightclubs in Johannesburg and managed to secure a recording contract with CCP (EMI) Label, they recorded an album, which unfortunately was unsuccessful.

They later signed to Dephon Records where they worked with top South African acts like Chicco, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Ricardo. By the end of the 80s, although they had gained respectable recognition as a tight band under Victor’s leadership, the group was craving for center stage attention. Victor soon found himself in the studio with a session project doing Eddy Grant classics for CSR; the cover project was recorded as The Rasta Rebels, and became a major success that contained hits like “Give Me Hope Jo’Anna”, “I Don’t Want To Dance” and others. The band later changed their name to The Rasta Rebels and enjoyed the stardom they received countrywide. Being the creative soul which Victor is, he was soon branching out and recording his own solo albums; Badayo and Hello Afrika, scoring a big hit with his version of Cooks and Motambo’s “Tumbai”.

In 1995 Dr Victor was invited to open for international stars such as Paul Simon, Gloria Estefan and Janet Jackson. Dr Victor won two SAMA Awards, for the songs “Shambala” in 1995 and “Sunshine Daze” from his remixes album in 2003. After a six-year relationship with CSR Records, Dr Victor moved to Gallo Records where he released a live studio album called Faya, with favorites like “Tsoang Tsoang” and “Kalimba”. Several tracks off this album have received enormous airplay and had earned Dr. Victor a licensing deal in Mexico, the Middle East and Japan. Dr. Victor once again teamed up with The Rasta Rebels and released “The Best Of The Rasta Rebels” with the hit song “I Love To Truck” featured on the album, which reached double Gold status.

In 2004 the band released “If you wanna be happy” followed by “When Somebody loves you back” which was played on all major radio stations. Dr Victor also released another four solo albums Stress, Faya, New Flame and For Your Love. In the new millennium they have toured France, the UK and the Middle East. In 2010 the band released their “Greatest Hits Album” which was followed by a Greatest Hits Live DVD at Emperors Palace in 2011.

Fast forward… it’s 2015 and Dr Victor has released his highly anticipated album “I believe in love” Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels have cemented themselves as one of the number one concert bands in South Africa. When asked how he got his “doctor” title, Victor explains how he was in studio and one of the microphones wasn’t working. On a break from recording, he was seen fixing the mic with a soldering iron and that earned him the name Dr Victor! Together with his group The Rasta Rebels, they continue to be one of the busiest live bands in South Africa and abroad, doing a range of events from corporate gigs to headlining shows across the country and abroad.

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