One People band may sound like a new band in this reggae business, but it has been there for a long time. They have been travelling with Lucky Dube all four corners of the world, yes they have been called so many names, first they were the slaves, and then after having the first president in South Africa they changed their name to Free at last. After Lucky’s passin on, we decided to continue with his legacy as One People Band.

The “One People” band rose from the ashes of pain caused by the tragic passing of their talented and charismatic leader, Lucky Dube in October 2007. Stepping up to the microphone is the amiable and equally charming Thuthukani Cele, and “Thuthu” as he is known to his fans is doing a remarkable job bringing Lucky Dube’s prophetic words to local audiences who have suddenly developed an insatiable appetite for the tunes, devouring each word and nuance. The band has now performed in numerous major festivals in South Africa receiving standing ovations with each performance.