She released a solo album as Phumi Maduna with CCP called Bad guy which sold thousands of copies. In 1990 Cheek to Cheek came up with “It’s been a long time” still under CCP. In 1992 Cheek to Cheek left CCP for Gallo records and released another hit album let me live my life, while still with Gallo Phumi joined Lucky Dube as a back-up singer & toured the USA with him.

She was inspired by Lucky Dube and Richard Siluma to do her 1st reggae album in 1991 called substitute which was written and produced by Lucky Dube, Richard Siluma and the slaves, followed by ‘Sweeter than ever’ produced by Chris Ntaka (from Malawi) then ‘style and fashion’ produced by Eugene Mthethwa of the trompies fame. She became extremely passionate about reggae & the more she performed with Lucky Dube the more her love grew for reggae. Her reggae albums made a huge following overseas and African countries. She then toured the USA, Japan, Australia, the Fiji Islands, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Namibia etc.

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